High Throughput Satellites GVF London Roundtable 2014 Concludes HTS is the Predominant Feature of the Satellite Communications Eco-System


High Throughput Satellites GVF London Roundtable 2014

Concludes HTS is thePredominant Feature of the Satellite Communications Eco-System


Dialogue on the Wider Range of the “Connectivity” Agenda to Continue at Next GVF London Conference with New Dates, 19th & 20th February, Confirmed


Thursday, 18 December 2014


LONDON – The GVF ‘High Throughput Satellites – London Roundtable 2014: The Game-Changer in Action’ event at the Strand Palace Hotel concluded its two-day programme on 3rd December following a comprehensive and highly informative dialogue amongst a total of 75+ panellists and delegates. The programme, comprising a series of eight Roundtable/panel sessions covering Technology, Services, Deployment, Solutions Engineering, Users, Backhaul, Cyber Security, and Roundtable Conclusions, was widely welcomed as another successful contribution to the understanding of the high throughput satellites environment, though not so much a “game-changer”, but more of a “new game” in the world of satellite communications solutions, as one panellist commented.


Martin Jarrold, GVF’s Chief of International Programme Development, and Roundtable Chairman/Moderator, along with fellow moderators Stéphane Chenard, Senior Analyst, Euroconsult; Elisabeth Tweedie, Owner, Definitive Direction; and, David Howgill, President, Huckworthy & & Chairman of the GVF Wireless Backhaul Initiative, managed the two-day programme which featured the highlights shown below.


Mr Jarrold commented at the conclusion of the Roundtable programme that, “The wider GVF dialogue on connectivity, within which HTS comprises a key element, would be continuing in just a few weeks, again at the Strand palace Hotel, at the next GVF-EMP event. ‘Connectivity 2015: Air, Sea, Surface & Rail: Evolving the "New" New Verticals’ will examine some of the key issues, technological developments, and market trends that feature on the path to a universal connectivity ecosystem, with particular, though not exclusive, reference to the latest developments in the satellite communications marketplace. The programme will take place on 19th & 20th February 2015.


Paul Stahl, Managing Partner of EMP, added “The Connectivity conference brings together innovative and original thematic content, focusing ongenuinely new opportunities for the communications industry, illustrative of the reasons for the choice of strapline – Evolving the New, ‘New Verticals’.” 


The London Roundtable 2014 programme provided each panellist the opportunity to deliver opening remarks to introduce his/her perspectives on the subject matter at hand, some choosing to support their introductory remarks with illustrative slides. Slides, where available, may now be downloaded from the event programme page at: www.uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/hts-ldn-roundtable-2014/hts-ldn-2014-program/.


The accelerating growth of satellite-based traffic and of the demand for bandwidth and throughput capacity has also heightened the importance of other satellite technologies, particularly bandwidth, throughput and traffic optimisation techniques, encompassing: Traffic Shaping; Traffic Prioritisation; Optimising Throughput via Physical Layer Enhancements, and Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM); and, WAN Optimisation (Acceleration, Caching, Compression, and Pre-fetching).


Paul Stahl, pointed out that, “Of the various successful facets of this Roundtable, it is particularly noteworthy that there was more prominence during this London programme, compared to previous HTS Roundtables, on just how to more effectively ‘monetize’ HTS – an issue which is assuming a considerably heightened profile in industry dialogues.”


For more information on the full conference programme for the London HTS Roundtable, and of the developing programme for ‘Connectivity 2015: Air, Sea, Surface & Rail: Evolving the "New" New Verticals’, please contact the Series organizers: martin.jarrold@gvf.org or paul.stahl@uk-emp.co.uk. Additionally, you may consult the event website at www.uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/

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