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Innovation and the Ground Segment

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Previous webinars have referenced a prevailing industry culture wherein ground segment has been seen as the less interesting sibling to space segment, to the spectacle of launches, enormous GEOs, and massive constellation LEOs. Ground segment innovation, once only given cursory… Read More

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“Genesis of GVF Training in SE Asia” Christopher Sivertz

Starting in 1995, Dave (‘Whirlwind’) Hartshorn and I (working out of Singapore for SSE & Prodelin, respectively) witnessed, first-hand, the “explosion” of TDMA-Voice VSAT networks here in South East Asia. 1.8m antennas (C-Band, Linear-Polarised) were being frantically installed in (then) very remote locations. The installers lacked training in the pitfalls associated with Cross-Pol, Pointing, Over-drive, and IFL cabling/connector issues.

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