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5G and Satellites: Hope or Reality?

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The much-hyped 5G “network of networks” arrived this decade and media has recently taken to concluding that 5G has not yet lived up to its hype. However, it is still the early days of 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic has… Read More

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“GVF – The Bridge Connecting Our Industry” Joakim Espeland

I am grateful to have collaborated with GVF in different roles throughout my professional career in my company, INTEGRASYS. I have worked with GVF not only in contributing to conferences and securing other opportunities for enhancing company visibility, but also in connection with the training offered by the GVF. Within the 25-years of the association, I have been in growing with GVF for more than a decade.
GVF’s representative role includes the Ground Segment of the SatCom industry, giving support to development and delivery of satellite technologies and services for consumers, businesses, and governments around the world by operators, producers, service providers, and other elements of the satellite ecosystem.

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