2nd Summit for Space Sustainability

09 Sep - 11 Sep 2020





Virtual Event


The Summit for Space Sustainability, hosted by Secure World Foundation-is a high-level, multi-day event focused on developing solutions for space sustainability. As humans increasingly shift critical activities to space, the Summit provides a forum for experts and stakeholders to consider how to ensure the long-term usage of Earth’s limited orbits.

GVF has a number of FREE tickets. Please register NOW using the code GVFSummit20, as they are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Though some aspects of our planned event will no longer be possible, SWF is still committed to providing high quality and unique perspectives around the theme of “What’s Next for Space Sustainability?” We will host six sessions over the three days that will include keynotes, panels, and interactive opportunities for participants. The panels will feature a wide range of space professionals from around the world on topics such as:

  • The state of the space environment
  • How to incent responsible behavior in space
  • Why America should engage in space arms control
  • Sustainability of cislunar space activities
  • Global perspectives on space activities and the Space Force
  • Managing radiofrequency spectrum