Accelerating Fleet Efficiency, Remote Operations and Onboard Connectivity Through Internet of Things Technology Innovation

23 Sep @ 03:00 PM - 23 Sep 2021


Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities in both the aviation and maritime sector hold great potential, including performance optimisation, remote video intervention, real time transport visibility and cargo tracking, and crew and passenger experience enhancement.

However, integrating and managing IoT technology within existing and newbuild fleets can be difficult due to data sharing, hardware integration, data transfer and on-shore and on-the-ground operational challenges.

Experts on IoT capabilities will come together to discuss the following topics:
• IoT requirements that would make connected fleet as efficient as possible
• Challenges of integrating board IoT systems and sensors in existing aircraft and vessels
• Necessity for open onboard IoT infrastructure and system communications
• Improving remote operations with actionable insights gathered from IoT data retrieval

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