AeroConnect 2019

29 Oct 2019



Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Bath Road Hounslow, TW6 2AQ
United Kingdom


Setting the Inflight Connectivity Context: Millennials & Generation Z
The world’s networks of commercial airline routes – carrying increasing numbers of passengers, a constantly growing proportion of which are ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ – are evolving. No longer will they be only a mode of transportation between domestic or international physical/geographical hubs, but also social networks in the sky – connecting the passenger (carrying two or even three wireless devices) to the home, to the office, to the circle of friends, to the YouTube ecosphere, etc. – and comprising aircraft that will increasingly become hubs in the communications sense of the word, using the technologies of fixed (FSS: Ku-band, Ka-band) and mobile (MSS: L-band) satellite systems and air-to-ground (ATG) networks. Whilst flight arrivals may always be subject to delays, widespread inflight connectivity (IFC) has most definitely arrived, or is at least undercarriage down, on final approach.
Free to attend for GVF members.

Sessions will cover different topics

  • In Orbit … Inflight … In the Cabin: The Technologies
  • Airlines & Customers: Aeronautical Applications, Technology Platforms & Passenger Services
  • User Expectations, Provider Capabilities: Business Models in the Cruise
  • The Expectations & Capabilities Matrix