HTS Roundtable 2019

02 Dec 2019




ETC Venues St. Pauls
200 Aldersgate London EC1A 4HD
United Kingdom


In-depth coverage of critical developments at this pivotal point in the industry’s evolution… including multi earth-orbit service provision, the era of constellations and advanced ground segment platforms to support them. What are the new verticals that can potentially be unlocked and how will traditional satellite markets achieve significant revenue enhancement?

Both obstacles and enablers (paradoxically… often the same thing… bandwidth pricing being a good example) will also be under scrutiny as part of the programme mix.

FREE to attend for GVF members.

Format: Interactive Roundtable Panel Discussion

The HTS Roundtable programme will be constructed around backdrop presentations sketching out the “state-of-play” followed by themed Panel Sessions featuring up to six panellists presenting “start-a-discussion” remarks. Each session will culminate in an extended open-floor, roundtable style discussion, involving everyone in attendance.

Topics will cover:

The Operators Forum: GEOs . MEOs . LEOs
The Providers and VARS Forum: New Paradigms for an HTS and Multi Orbit Future
The Ground Segment Forum: Network Architecture Innovations for a Brave New World
Regional focus… Starship UK