The Dutch lead the world, in many ways, in both their maritime and technical capability. They are famed for their pragmatism and people-centred approach to business. They are also arguably the most environmentally proactive. They have some very advanced digital technology companies. There are also some very interesting start-ups.

All these factors come together in the Digital Ship Maritime CIO forum in Rotterdam in September, where we look at how the Dutch maritime industry is moving forward in its use of digital technology.

On the cybersecurity theme, we’ll be looking at how shipping companies can do more to understand the changing threat and what specifically they should be doing about it. Although it is a technology issue, the solutions are perhaps more related to people and how we work with the different threats, just like any other security. We don’t want to expend our energy fixing the wrong problem.

On the digitalisation theme, we see a drive coming from many directions to ‘do more’ with digital technology – but not such a clear idea about what that specifically means.

Do we need software which helps us more with the hard decisions which we actually need to make, such as whether a maintenance rescheduling could risk making a vessel late for its next charter? Do we need software which enables us to monitor the performance of vessels, and even our crews, in a much more sophisticated way? Both of these are possible, but are they what we need?

Call for speakers – we are keen to hear from people from shipping companies with experiences or ideas to share about how they have used digital technology to add value to their operations. Please contact conference producer Vaida Stockunaite on to discuss further.