OTT Virtual Summit

29 Jun - 03 Jul 2020



Virtual Conference


Future of Video Streaming

The OTT Summit is not just another conference. Decision was made to turn the OTT Summit into a virtual event. It will still be held in the same week of 29th June, but will be hosting shorter sessions over four days, instead of two intense days, to make it work better for our panelists and delegates. The aim is to ask hard questions and curate the defining conversations about the future of video streaming in 2020.

The summit will focus on key discussion topics including:
• 2019 Rugby World Cup – The direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model
• Capturing more VOD advertising revenue
• Cross-industry innovation: The way they engage with consumers
• Addressing challenges in billing & payment in Asia
• Telcos talk: Beyond the dumb pipe
• #genztalk: How Gen Z is consuming video right now

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As 2020 progresses, find out what trends the OTT video industry will see play out this year, and what the key drivers of growth will be across all platforms, from content and video streaming providers to telcos and pay-TV operators.

Over the past year, we have witnessed profound change and new trends emerging in the OTT video industry. Consumers call the shots and that is the reality of the digital economy. Engaging with consumers in new ways while re-engineering the video businesses around rapidly changing consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors are essential in today’s world.
Media conglomerates are seeking to build direct relationships between their brands and consumers, and in some cases using their own pipes to deliver their content to consumer devices. The streaming wars are intensifying, and companies are waging an all-out war in a bid for consumers’ attention.