Satellite Industry Forum 2019 – Asia Video Industry Association

17 Jun 2019



Four Seasons Hotel


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David Meltzer, Secretary General, GVF, will be speaking in the panel dedicated to Spectrum Wars: The C-Band Alliance has been gaining significant traction over the past year in developing plans for future spectrum allocations in North America – but not all satellite operators are sure that this is the best way ahead. Will this be a Clash of the Titans? What are the Pros and Cons for the satellite industry on a global basis?

Over the past year, we have witnessed profound change in the satellite industry. Evolving customer needs and requirements have led to fast-paced innovation from manufacturers and operators alike. Growth fundamentals for satellite will remain strong in the Asia Pacific region for the coming 12 months and developments point to sustained growth in the medium-term as well.

As 2019 progresses, it will be of interest for many to find out what trends the satellite industry will see play out this year, as well as what the key drivers of growth will be for operators and customers alike.

Join us at the Satellite Industry Forum 2019 on 17 June at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, as we discuss key highlights including:

  • What is at Stake for the Satellite Industry?
  • Spectrum Wars?
  • The NGSO Revolution – What’s Holding It Up?
  • The Role of Satellite in Video