Satellite Industry Forum 2020

28 Sep 2020



Four Seasons Hotel


AVIA SIF: “Video in the Satellite World”

While there is much cause for optimism for the satellite industry in this new decade, the road ahead is fraught with many obstacles as well. From major acquisitions to key technological achievements, 2019 had a bit of everything. It has been quite a year for the satellite industry, as the new era of satellite communications comes ever closer.

It is definitely a very interesting decade ahead for the satellite sector as it begins to reinvent itself, and certainly a lot more to be positive about as we look forward to 2020.

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What’s New for 2020?

The Satellite Industry Forum is the main event of the industry to debate and discuss the future of satellite and video in Asia. We look forward to welcoming 50 speakers and over 200 participants to Singapore as we continue to curate the conversations that are most relevant to the state of the industry today:

Some of the topics of discussion include:
• Asia Pacific Leaders Roundtable: Satellite Trends in the new decade.
• Weighing the Bear vs Bull Case for 5G.
• Country of Focus: Thailand, Indonesia and India.
• Outcomes from WRC-19: View on Asia
• 2020: A landmark year for 4K UHD?
• Satellite Financing: What to watch for in 2020 and beyond
• Driving Global Growth for the satellite industry in the next decade