The GALIX Inaugural Space Alliance Congress 2021

18 Mar - 19 Mar 2021






This international online event seeks to expand international collaboration in space. The development in space program often focuses on new space technology and hardware. Yet, the ‘softer parts’—policy, regulation, law, education, training, safety and environmental standards, institutional development, and global collaborative arrangements— are also critical for holistic space development. Progress in these areas particularly depends on global collaboration. This is the focus of the GALIX Inaugural Space Conference 2021.

Co-sponsors include: European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), For All Moonkind, Global VSAT Forum (GVF), Hi-Space, Institute of Space Commerce, International Moonbase Alliance (IMA), Moon Village Association (MVA), International Space University, Lifeboat, Foundation, National Space Society-International Committee, Off World Inc., Space Renaissance International, Space & Satellite Professionals International