VPO Singapore Forum

09 Oct 2019





Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore
392 Havelock Road


Vessel performance optimisation is a confusing subject. We know we’re all supposed to be trying harder to improve the performance of our vessels. There are a multitude of methods, with different costs and returns, much of which is unclear. It is also not clear whether optimising vessel performance is better done just by acting on basic data, or with a more complex mix of sensor data and analytics.

Much of vessel performance comes down to decisions or behaviours of the crew, which can be hard to monitor or modify from shore. And the drivers behind vessel performance optimisation are also complex – some companies are trying to reduce fuel costs, others are trying to look more attractive to charterers or investors, or reduce impact on the environment.

We also have the forthcoming low sulphur fuel rules to consider. But should they have any impact on actual vessel optimisation behaviour?

At our 2nd Singapore vessel performance optimisation forum in October 2019, we’ll try to develop more clarity around these issues. We are particularly keen to hear from people from shipping companies who have done vessel performance optimisation projects and able to talk about them, or have ideas and experiences to share.

No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.