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January 2021

APSCC 2021 Webinar Series

Where Space Comes Together
Every Tuesday 9 am Hong Kong and Singapore Time (UTC+8)
January ~ June 2021

The most frequent and largest ongoing virtual conference in the Asia Pacific satellite community – the APSCC 2021 Webinar Series incorporates industry veterans, local players, as well as new market entrants in a single event to reach a wide-ranging audience. The APSCC 2021 Webinar Series continues to play a vital role in supporting the industry in the Asia Pacific region and beyond with a brand-new format, a lengthened timeline, and a potentially unlimited reach.

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April 2021

Future of Video India

The event will cover the new topics including:

• Businesses in Transition: Narrowing the Gap Between Traditional TV and Digital
• Telecom Leaders Talk: Aggregation and Subscription in India
• Regulatory Challenges of Video Delivery in India
• Has India’s Digital Footprint Given a Push to Indian Regional Languages?
• Advertising Spend for 2021: Linear TV or Video?
• Tech Leaders Weigh in: Preparation for Direct-to-Consumer Platforms
• She Power: Women Thought Leaders Share Predictions about Future of Video in India

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May 2021


In-person event: The big bang of media, entertainment and technology!

Technology saved 2020. As the world pressed pause, cinemas shut doors and people stayed home, online streaming boomed. At the same time, Hope Probe swung into orbit around Mars in a triumph for the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission. How will technology’s glorious triumphs continue in the next decade? 

CABSAT “Live, In Person” brings the return of the embedded SATEXPO Summit for which GVF is a Knowledge Partner. Following the 2020 “CABSAT Virtual” panel programme, GVF will this year be hosting a number of live panel sessions. 

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June 2021

MilSat Symposium

The MilSat Symposium serves as a bridge between the Department of Defense and industry professionals. As space technology proliferates worldwide, DoD has more choice in the rapid development and deployment of next-generation space defense technologies. Space operations have a critical role in inter-agency communication and an increasing role in the defense of space assets. The MilSat Symposium fosters discussion on these new and developing connections while addressing the technological, logistical, and financial understandings needed to build next-generation military space infrastructure.

The conference program runs daily from 8am PST to 1pm PST.

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The Summit for Space Sustainability

The Summit for Space Sustainability is a high-level, multi-day event focused on developing solutions for space sustainability, hosted by the Secure World Foundation. The last year changed the world dramatically, offering an opportunity to build back or make changes. This year’s Summit for Space Sustainability invites a diverse group of international experts to look across a range of economic, security, and environmental issues to evaluate how space capabilities can be used to meet long-standing and new global challenges. Attendees will engage in discussions about what changes may be needed to face these issues and promote the long-term sustainable use of space for all.

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September 2021

World Satellite Business Week

For the last 25 years, the annual World Satellite Business has been a conference dedicated to the global satellite communications and information business leaders. A unique executive meeting place, the World Satellite Business Week is widely considered as the must-attend event for top-level players. In 2021, the conference will be held in Paris with an exclusive online access.

GVF members can use the code GVF10 to obtain 10% for in-person format and GVF25 for 25% for online only registrations discount.


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November 2021

Space Tech Expo Europe

Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent’s major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, design, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space-qualified components. With space tech and smallsats conferences, Space Tech Expo Europe brings together professionals in the space industry in Europe and beyond. The tradeshow and conference are free to attend.

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Satellite Connectivity Summit

Satellite Connectivity Summit is Europe’s only event that offers a deep dive into the development of the satellite connectivity ecosystem by featuring transferable insights from telecom, IT, and service providers.

At this two-day conference, 300+ key players in satellite operations, satellite services, broadcast media, mobile network operations, OTT services, SaaS services and technology providers will come together to talk about realising 5G integration, data services and state-of-the-art high throughput satellite infrastructures.


Onboard Connectivity Summit

Onboard Connectivity Summit is Europe’s only conference and exhibition that brings together the maritime and aviation sectors to discuss open network integration of connectivity technologies needed to realise the digital transformation and future proof ship and aircraft operations.

More than 300+ peers and future partners will meet over two days of learning, innovation and networking, with specific focus on the technologies and infrastructure.


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