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GVF London ‘Connectivity’ Event Highlights Profound and Positive Impact of Exponential Growth in the Internet of Things for Satellite


 2nd Annual Conference Refines Focus for Satellite Connectivity Solutions on Smart Cities, Intelligent Highways, and Connected Cars


Wednesday, 25th February 2015 


LONDON – The second in a series of two-day annual event programmes, entitled GVF Connectivity 2015: Air, Sea, Surface & Rail: Evolving the ‘New’ New Verticals, concluded on 20th February 2015 and featured, amongst 10 themes, an extended session examining the rapidly growing machine-to-machine marketplace, the near-future of the Internet of Things, and the growth of opportunity for satellite solutions in this space.

Moderated by Abraham Joseph, Founder, IoT Insights and the Device Management Forum, the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Integrating the Digital World panel included contributions from both the satellite connectivity solutions sector and leading companies in the M2M environment, including ThingWorx, Numerex, and Eurotech. The panel examined the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Everything (IoE), which will create a dynamic network of billions of wireless identifiable ‘things’ communicating with one another, bringing ubiquitous computing, and integrating the digital world and the physical world. In such M2M/IoT applications growth areas as Remote Monitoring, Disaster Management, Smart Supply Chains, Asset Control, and others, satellite-based connectivity has a key and rapidly growing role.

The event audience heard that whereas in 2010 there were some one billion sensors, devices and machines comprising the IoT, by 2020 this will have grown to 50 billion, and by 2035 to one trillion. Of greater significance though than the sheer volume of connected things is the key to unlocking the value of the IoT, being in applications development. In 2020 it is forecast that there will be a market of some five million applications, growing to 500 million by 2035.

The event, which was held in association with SES, Hughes, Advantech Wireless and SpeedCast, and with the support of APEX – the Airline Passenger Experience Association – attracted some 85 attendees, and 35 presenters and panellists who addressed key issues, technological developments, and market trends that now feature on the path to a universal connectivity ecosystem, with reference to the latest developments in the satellite communications marketplace. These developments are focused around the launch of payloads into orbit which have changed the paradigm of satellite communications capabilities for satellite-only connectivity solutions, and which have advanced the dynamics of satellite + terrestrial hybrid connectivity solutions.


Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development, GVF, and Connectivity 2015 chairman, commented, “This event was unique in having the contribution of perspectives from experts in ‘Intelligent Transport Infrastructures’, ‘The Connected Car’, and ‘Connectivity for Smart Cities’. We heard from a range of organizations that one would not normally associate with the satellite or general wireless communications topic agenda. In addition we extended the Machine-to-Machine/Internet of Things dialogue with even more ‘in-field’ expertise, expertise which reflected very positively on the role of satellite in helping to facilitate near-future high-growth in the M2M/IoT environment.”


Paul Stahl, Executive Director of Event Management Partners (EMP) added, “With this programme we have had to look far into the future at some pretty abstract and embryonic concepts.  Even the most far-sighted among us are still trying to quantify exactly what the role of satcoms will be in such future opportunities as smart cities, intelligent highway infrastructure, connected vehicles – and who knows what else?  However,  what is clear at this point is that satcoms will play a significant role in enabling seamless and global connectivity in all of these areas and with this in perspective, there is good reason for the industry to be optimistic about its future.  This is further reflected in the amount of interest that we are experiencing post-event, with presentation downloads from the event website at an all-time high.” (Please visit: www.uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/connectivity-2015/programme/).

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