Communications providers depend upon spectrum to deliver services, and the satellite industry is no exception. However, in recent years the wireless industry has attempted to secure access to satellite spectrum used to support broadcasting, Internet, and other vital telecommunications solutions. In 2007, at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC), the satellite industry was successful in defending its spectrum, but the wireless industry is undertaking similar efforts in preparation for WRC-2015, where the challenge will be much greater; Agenda Item 1.1 puts C band and other satellite bands on the table as candidate bands for expansion of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT.) The wireless industry is lobbying governments now, and the satellite industry is inviting your support to help protect satellite spectrum for use throughout the world. 


How can you become more involved?

Satellite Spectrum Initiative (SSI)

The Satellite Spectrum Initiative (, which was originally formed in preparation for WRC-07, is coordinating efforts of regional associations, as well as national-level allies. User groups, like broadcasters, military, the UN, civil aviation and other allied organizations are also being engaged at an unprecedented level, but to adequately address the wireless industry challenge, further support is required. The satellite industry welcomes your involvement in this critical issue.  

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