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Access Partnership publishes Tech Policy Trends 2022

Access Partnership, the leading global public policy consultancy for the tech sector, has released its Tech Policy Trends in 2022. 

Access Partnership has been monitoring and influencing the global technology landscape since 1999. It is more important now than ever to grasp the pressures exerting themselves on businesses, governments and multilateral organisations.

From Internet and Social Media Platforms to GDPR, in this report, we share our forecasts and predictions for the top tech policy trends of 2022. Access Partnership’s team of experts explore the most important subjects affecting the technology sector, providing guidance on how to manage the ever-changing landscape and capitalise on the new opportunities it presents.

Access the Tech Policy Trends Report 2022 here.

Access Partnership is the world’s leading public policy firm that provides market access for technology. We monitor and analyse global trends for the risks and opportunities they create for technology businesses and identify strategies to mitigate those risks and drive the opportunities to our clients’ advantage. Our team uniquely mixes policy and technical expertise to…

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