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Access Partnership to Host “The Road to WRC-23” Roundtable on 23 March in London

The agenda for the World Radio Conference 2023 (WRC-23) was recently set, initiating a new round of studies for possible changes to the international radio regulations. Access Partnership will host a roundtable discussion on the opportunities and risks which the agenda has created across four main themes:

  • IMT and Mobile: Consideration of further bands for IMT identification will likely be controversial, spotlighting bands below 10.5 GHz and re-opening the debate on the UHF TV broadcast bands. HIBS – a new technology proposing to provide IMT services via High Altitude Platforms – will be considered in existing IMT allocations, potentially pitting terrestrial manufacturers against disruptive competitors.
  • Aeronautical and maritime: Adoption of new innovative digital technologies in existing HF allotments will be reviewed for aircraft safety comms, alongside possible assignment of terrestrial VHF channels for satellite use. The ongoing evolution of maritime GMDSS systems will be considered to identify any implications to maritime radio allocations.
  • Science: New allocations to both active and passive space science services will be considered, with the aim of improving earth and weather monitoring and supporting exploration of space. The rapid development of small-satellite technology has fuelled this sector, and driven demand for new spectrum as more and more private and public organisations now seek access to space.
  • Satellite: WRC-23 will examine five separate satellite issues, ranging from allocations serving satellite IoT to the possible use of satellite allocations for control and monitoring of unmanned aircraft. The global nature of satellite communications, combined with a huge increase in investment in large non-geostationary constellations, suggests that the satellite sector may dominate the next conference.

Each of the four themes will be introduced by a short framing statement to set the scene, followed by an open mic session to allow participants to express views or ask questions. The event will conclude with a networking reception.

To register your interest, please email with your name and contact details.

When: Tuesday, 23 March from 3pm


3pm: Registration and coffee
3.30: Roundtable (prompt start)
5pm: Drinks reception

Where: Access Partnership HQ

9th Floor, Southside
105 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QT

We look forward to hosting you!

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