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Hybrid networks and SDWAN features: the new Maritime Connectivity standard

After decades of experience within the Oil & Gas and Maritime sectors, TECHfirm Canarias founders know better than nobody the connectivity challenges when at sea.

Experienced co-founders: a game-changing approach

Pierre J. and Pierre M. met about ten years ago, both involved within a major EPC project, Offshore West Africa. Pierre M, graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lille (master’s degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering), started his career with Total E&P working as a Telecom Technical Superintendent on major Brownfield and Greenfield projects in the North Sea (West Franklin field), Nigeria (Ofon field), Brunei (Maharaja Lela South) and other countries.

On his side, Pierre J has been acting as Field engineer for major companies (Alcatel-Lucent, Perenco, Total E&P, Yemen LNG,…) and became an expert regarding RF systems installation, commissioning, maintenance and operations.

During their collaboration within TOTAL E&P, Pierre J and Pierre M demonstrated the same motivation, team spirit and result-oriented approach, advising Project Management Team in a very challenging environment regarding the best communication options to enable Safety, Security and Efficiency on the field.

From technical leaders to entrepreneurs

After sharing so many experiences offshore, and confident about their capabilities, the two friends decided to grow their own company within the Maritime Telecom sector. But something was missing to deliver their expertise an agile way: Manpower and Engineering capacities. Looking for an extra shareholder, they chose TECHfirm International, a swiss based company delivering technical assistance to the industry worldwide.

After attending the O&G Meeting days in Las Palmas, the Canary Islands (Spain) in April 2017, TECHfirm Canarias was born!

Safety as a core value, Partnerships to promote agility

With all drilling actors stopping-over in the area (Drillships and MODU Semi Subs), the Canary Islands has become the Mid-Atlantic hub, last European port before West Africa at the Crossing with North Sea and Gulf of Mexico maritime routes. A place of choice for technical experts! After identifying potential local partners (ship agents and service companies such as BigBlue Brokers), TECHfirm Canarias was involved in a first reactivation project onboard a Semi-Sub belonging to Transocean’s fleet (September 2017): a great occasion to demonstrate safety conscience and technical abilities with typical Offshore Telecom systems (CCTV, TVRO and VSAT antenna support, IPTV, VisioConferencing, …).

The success story was ON and the tandem started to operate as Technical Third Party for VSAT leading companies on this regional market, servicing dozens of drillships, cruise ships and yachts (before and after Atlantic Crossing). Since this time, the team has grown and the GVF field engineers are now used to deal with service providers for commissioning activities, line-up operation, or VSAT TVRO antenna troubleshooting (Intellian and Cobham Sailor Seatel).

Coastal 4G for Maritime: the Yachting industry standard

Invited by a partner (i.e SeaSatCom) at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2018, TECHfirm Canarias discovered the power of Peplink and got ready to promote the Speedfusion SDWAN and LTE VPN technology within the Oil & Gas and Maritime verticals! Mastering RF signals best-practice, they decided to offer 4G services to the drillships stacked in the Canary Islands and the Gulf of Mexico ! Low latency and cost effectiveness have been key to match the drilling industry leaders digitalization expectations.

Hybrid networks: use L-Band, VSAT or 4G seamlessly and cost-effectively

Since 2019,  TECHfirm Canarias has been successfully deploying connectivity solutions for the Maritime industry with major references in the sector, locally and internationally .

Recently appointed Peplink Maritime Partner, and as 4G LTE experts, TECHfirm Canarias is open to new partnership with VSAT providers to help them offering hybrid services to their clients.


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Time to use L-Band services, VSAT and coastal 4G (LTE) seamlessly
Time to say “Fair winds!”


TECHfirm Canarias is a service company that offers critical communication solutions and applications to the oil and gas Industry in the Canary Islands and West Africa. The ambition of TECHfirm Canarias is to provide the industry with safe, reliable and cutting-edge communication technologies in a cost-effective way. TECHfirm Canarias is supported by TECHfirm, a Swiss…

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