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Norsat Exclusive Webinar: Preparations and Mitigation Strategies in the 5G Era

With the onset of 5G, there is a need for specialized products to block or prevent interference from 5G base stations in proximity of C-band ground terminals. Traditionally, C-band is used for satellite services, radar, and microwave links. However, with the terrestrial wireless industry’s planned introduction of new mobile phone networks such as LTE, Wi-Max, and 5G, these C-band frequencies will now be shared amongst a wider range of services. The interference signals are powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-band satellite receiving systems, causing a potential for total loss of service.

Join Norsat’s Chief Scientist Michael Schefter in an exclusive presentation on the challenges C-band satellite operators will face in the 5G era, strategies to mitigate these signal disruptions, and how Norsat’s new 5G interference solution can provide seamless communications to your business. 

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This will take place on Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 09:00 AM (Pacific Time).

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