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Norsat November Webinar: Communicating with the ATOM BUC

Norsat November Webinar: Communicating with the ATOM BUC

Presenter: Norsat’s Customer Support Engineer Steven Liu; Customer Service Engineer Rodrigo Aguilar

Date: November 10th, 2020 8am-9am PST

Norsat’s ATOMControl is a software with an intuitive interface that provides the ability to easily monitor and control Norsat’s ATOM Series of Block Up-Converters & Solid-State Power Amplifiers. Basic information can be monitored along with fault, temperature and RF power data. The software also provides full control over an ATOM Series device’s mute state and gives users the ability to communicate directly with the BUC or SSPA using a custom communication protocol.

In this webinar presented by customer support engineers Steven Liu and Rodrigo Aguilar, you’ll learn all about Norsat’s exclusive ATOMControl software, including:

– The top ten features of ATOMControl
– Products that are compatible and can be configured with the software
– Live stimulation of how to launch ATOMControl and initialize communication

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