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Seamlessly integrate your ships into the corporate network with Maritime Connect

Maritime Connect integrated platform is a real ship to shore enabler for managing connectivity and applications on vessels.

It can be used over any wireless system, including VSAT to provide voice and data services to crew and passengers. Maritime Connect is offering the same shape of services than Terrestrial. Differentiation comes mainly from the outdoor technology to be deployed because of mobility and sea conditions. Maritime Connect extends Business VPN over the sea, enhances crew welfare, and supports mission critical applications.

This solution is designed to offer shipping companies, IT managers, captains, and the crew a full set of features to simplify and better control the access to data and voice services on board vessels or remotely from shore. As a network service component, Maritime Connect is a single, integrated solutions platform, which provides reliable connectivity to all satellite networks and cuts your costs at the same time. It delivers Unified Communications (telephony, unified messaging, presence, conferencing and video), data, security and internet access in one solution, independent of the communication technology used: VSAT, Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) like Inmarsat, Iridium and others like 4G/5G and Wi-Fi.

Maritime Connect is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution that can be used on ships equipped with any type of satellite communications

systems, including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband, Iridium or VSAT systems (Ku or C band). What are the benefits?

  • Management : Cost under control

Maritime activity costs are controlled through dedicated applications, such as fuel optimizer, infrastructure management on boat, end-user reporting and HQ Network Management System allowing a better cost control of the activity.

  • Multiple possibilities: Applications access

It works as an enabler to get access to Orange and partners applications.

  • Security: Maritime security standards

Applications to ensure security on board at all times, private network, multiple access and private cloud connectivity

  • Crew welfare: Transforming crew welfare with digital

A wide range of applications on top of satellite access is possible contributing to crew welfare, increasing crew retention

The whole solution is contained in one single box, easy to install on board. You have access to secure and private network with multiple accesses, also as a private cloud connectivity.

Orange provides enterprises with truly global reach – making critical communications possible in challenging and diverse environments. Different maritime industries can be addressed according to vessels profile:

  • Shipping : Shipping mainly consists of transporting commodities and merchandise goods by sea
  • Container Transport: Vessels designed to carry on containers that generally meet American National Standards Institute or International Organization for Standardization standards.
  • Barges: Tank vessel and large, powerful tug that is positioned in a notch in the stern of the barge. Need to be regularly in contact with shore.


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