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Tech Policy Trends in 2020: Report Out Now

Over the past 20 years, Access Partnership has monitored and influenced the environment for technology worldwide. During this time, new data-driven businesses have emerged from start-ups and tech giants alike.  As these companies roll out new products and services, governments are reconsidering their approach to technology and the terms under which they adopt it.

In this report, we present our view of the top ten tech policy trends to watch for in 2020. From AI regulation to hardware and infrastructure, our teams explore how shifts in tech policy could disrupt life globally. While some governments seek to leverage the benefits of 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT and data, others indulge in a desire to confront Big Tech borne by a tailwind of increased protectionism and climate urgency.

The notion of a “techlash” is a convenient rhetorical device, underpinned by a real risk of regulatory over-reach that can stymie economic growth for some and leave an unfair advantage for others. The trends we highlight here push in both directions; from this chaos, we at Access Partnership continue to push for order.

The report covers:

  • AI Regulation Takes Shape: A Look at the EU and US
  • The Digital Services Act: The Next GDPR
  • Europe First: A New Wave of Tech Protectionism in Europe
  • Beyond China: Supply Chain Security from Vietnam to Open Source
  • Spectrum Sharing Moves into Mainstream
  • 5G Security: Time to Decide
  • US Privacy Law in the Making
  • Data Sharing Regulations Heat Up in 2020
  • What is Next for IoT Regulation?
  • The Rise of ‘Green Technology’: Policy Implications for ICTs

We wish you a happy and careful reading about this great challenge of the new decade.

To download and read the whole report click here.

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