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Kymeta Corporation


Kymeta is developing antennas for next generation satellite communications for mobile and fixed applications. Kymeta’s innovative antennas use metamaterials technology to electronically and dynamically steer the beam towards the satellite with no moving parts resulting in flat, thinner, lighter, more efficient and less expensive antennas compared to traditional satellite antenna technologies.

Kymeta is working on a wide range of product concepts that will open the door for high speed Internet and other satellite services in both commercial and consumer markets:

• Portable Satellite Terminal: Easy-to-use, laptop sized device with high speed internet connectivity through Ka-band satellites. This product benefits customers such as news reporters in the field, disaster recovery and aid organizations, oil and gas exploration professionals as well as consumers.
• Terrestrial flat panel antennas
Kymeta’s antenna electronically steer the beam to the satellite and will therefore enable connectivity with stationary satellites as well as with non-geostationary satellites.
• Aeronautical Products: Ultra-low profile aeronautical terminals that allow for rapid installation on all types of aircraft, which deliver affordable broadband to private and commercial aircraft.
• mTenna Modules: Kymeta Antenna modules that can be integrated into terminals as a component to form a complete solution, enabling satellite services for virtually any moving platform such as trucks, trains, buses, automobiles or vessels.

In February 2013, Kymeta Corporation was named by MIT Technology Review as one of 2013’s 50 Disruptive Companies in the field of Computing and Communications as part of its annual list of the world’s most innovative technology companies.


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