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TECHfirm Canarias


TECHfirm Canarias is a service company that offers critical communication solutions and applications to the oil and gas Industry in the Canary Islands and West Africa. The ambition of TECHfirm Canarias is to provide the industry with safe, reliable and cutting-edge communication technologies in a cost-effective way. TECHfirm Canarias is supported by TECHfirm, a Swiss group that delivers a wide range of solutions to industrial actors worldwide, including to the oil and gas sector.

TECHfirm Canarias was created by experts of the telecommunication discipline having years of proven experience in the oil and gas industry, mostly in Africa’s oil and gas offshore fields. TECHfirm Canarias designs, implements and maintains telecom systems in three main areas:

  • Critical communications
  • Safety and Security
  • Network infrastructure

Solutions provided and implemented by TECHfirm Canarias have the specificity to be designed for hazardous environments in which oil & gas players operate.