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CommStar Space Communications


CommStar Space seeks a new type of communications satellite to serve the anticipated needs of government and commercial ventures out of low earth orbit, into the Cislunar space, to the Moon, and ultimately beyond. CommStar-1 is designed to be the first such satellite in a family of similar systems.

This satellite is intended to be the first such satellite in a family of systems, privately owned and operated, to be deployed to serve as the primary relay infrastructure for space and lunar communications between the Moon and the Earth. CommStar-1 will have the ability to perform several data management missions, RF or Optical, between the Earth and the Moon. In the UK, Thales Alenia Space will lead the design team, drawing upon over 40 years of experience and a unique combination of skills, expertise and partnerships with affiliates and industrial partners from across Europe. CommStar Space’s service partners will also participate in the design of CommStar-1 to ensure interoperability with their terrestrial and space-based networks.


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