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Talia is a market-leading teleport, satellite and terrestrial network operator providing secure global IP communications, with a hybrid network supporting international businesses with connectivity wherever and whenever they need it. With connectivity across five continents, Talia’s satellite coverage offers a flexible and robust network to customers. Through the Talia teleport, with access to C, Ka, Ku, and L bands, Talia covers the majority of the developing and developed world from a single location. Powered by iDirect, Comtech, Newtec and other satellite (VSAT) technologies, Talia offers vendor-neutral solutions, enabling network access to urban and rural locations – areas where DSL and other terrestrial services are unavailable, unreliable, or simply insufficient. Dedicated Networks: Talia supports a wide variety of dedicated bandwidth solutions, from 18 Mbps downstream to 8.4 Mbps upstream to the smallest packages required. Talia networks are available in a variety of service levels and configurations, so customers can get exactly the bandwidth needed in the most cost effective manner. Shared Networks: iDirect is the industry leader in satellite-based broadband access solutions delivering all the benefits of high speed IP networking beyond the constraints of traditional landline networks. Developed specifically to meet the communication needs of satellite customers, iDirect powered networks deliver the speed, performance and flexibility to fulfil the most demanding requirements of today’s end users. Read more at the Talia website


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