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About Isotropic Networks

Isotropic is a global provider of satellite Internet services and network management solutions. With the best uptime in the satellite industry, we deliver unrivaled certainty for high-risk, high-pressure operations for diverse industries including Oil and Gas, Maritime, and Enterprise Solutions.

Isotropic is built on high standards for troubleshooting and solving technically complex problems with the latest technologies. Our team of highly-trained hardware and software engineers delivers personalized services and solutions that support our clients when and where they need it most—now and into the future.

Isotropic was recently crowned Top 5G Hybrid/Wireless Mobility Innovation Award at MSUA’s annual Mobility Innovation ceremony at Satellite 2020 for the Datadragon™ solution, which was recognized for its suitability to mobility use cases, its current availability in the field and its ability to address a market need that is currently unaddressed or underserved.

Datadragon – A Game Changer

Datadragon is a bandwidth management and service platform that enables never-before-possible levels of application-level transparency, optimization, and personalization across any single or hybrid network. As consumers demand greater levels of connectivity, their thirst for bandwidth and speed is escalating. The demand for mobile bandwidth is huge and could outstrip supply as growth and 5G expectations are placed on networks.

The integration of satellite networks into a hybrid network infrastructure can bring big benefits for network operators in terms of bandwidth savings, performance, redundancy, and QOS.

As new technology and standards including 5G come online, the need to understand bandwidth capacity availability and distribution models across multiuse and hybrid networks is more critical than ever.

Utilizing its patented algorithm, coupled with state-of-the-art AI technology, Datadragon offers detailed insights into day-to-day user activities and gives clients the ability to optimize and prioritize bandwidth allocation according to their end users’ needs.

“Our goal with Datadragon is to provide clients with a deep understanding of their bandwidth usage patterns and user trends as well as with tools to help them more efficiently deliver high quality of service and better user experience,” said Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and Co-Founder, Isotropic.  “We have worked very closely with our customers to create the platform, which is already empowering them and enabling them to improve their overall business.”

Isotropic is connecting the planet and continually raising the bar for what satellite connectivity can be. Find out more about Isotopic and its innovations at

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