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RCS-Communication offers a wide range of Corporate Internet Connectivity and Networking Solutions in partnership with International Industry leaders. RCS-Communication combines in-country experience across East and Central Africa with International best practices and…
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Wiley is a dominant presence in Washington, DC, with more than 240 attorneys and public policy advisors. Our firm has earned international prominence by representing clients in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, and…

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About Hughes Network Systems

Happy Anniversary Hughes!!!

Hughes Network Systems recently celebrated its half-century of connecting the world. From its 1971 origins in designing telecom circuit boards, Hughes in 2021 powers satellite and multi-transport solutions for millions of people, businesses, governments, and communities around the world, with solutions covering applications which include Aeronautical, Cellular Backhaul, Managed Networks, Maritime, Satellite Internet, and SOTM.

To mark its 50th anniversary Hughes asked employees, the individuals connecting and orchestrating the networks on which people everywhere depend, for their perspectives on the company’s key achievements and most important innovations.

Whilst barely scratching the surface of the technological advances developed at Hughes over the years, from ActiveTechnologies™ that classify and prioritise data traffic, to interactive distance learning, and using AI for a self-healing capability to improve network performance, five innovations were picked out in particular.

• Hughes’ invention of satellite internet, bringing broadband to where other ISPs wouldn’t serve.

• Development of VSAT, making it possible to transmit and receive satellite data from anywhere.

• Development of the JUPITER™ Platform, chosen by network operators, governments, mobile networks, and aeronautical and maritime service providers.

• The HughesON™ Portfolio of network and digital media solutions meeting a range of distributed enterprise needs, providing customers with an interactive dashboard view of network activities, installs, trouble reporting, and ticketing.

• Hughes’ building of the gateways and core modules for the OneWeb LEO constellation, complementing the capacity density of the Hughes JUPITER fleet of HTS GEOs.

Find more information on Hughes website.