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South Sudan

RCS-Communication offers a wide range of Corporate Internet Connectivity and Networking Solutions in partnership with International Industry leaders. RCS-Communication combines in-country experience across East and Central Africa with International best practices and…
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United States (US)

Wiley is a dominant presence in Washington, DC, with more than 240 attorneys and public policy advisors. Our firm has earned international prominence by representing clients in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, and…

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About Aetheric Engineering


Aetheric Engineering Limited is an independent telecommunications consultancy, established in 1989 and specialising in satellite communications, design and technology. Aetheric has worked with leading satellite operators and with manufacturers, maintaining expertise and experience with leading edge technologies and providing flexibile and tailored support for the actual needs of each of clients.

Aetheric offers advice and support throughout all project phases from feasibility and design studies, through procurement and project management, to installation, commissioning and operation of telecommunications networks, especially satellite communication systems. Support is available for both civilian and military systems.

Aetheric consultants have many years relevant experience and are accustomed to working at all levels of organisations, providing clients in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America with impartial, effective and motivated support.

To discuss requirements and identify how Aetheric’s experience and expertise could assist simply send an e-mail to them. For more information visit Aeteric website.