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RCS-Communication offers a wide range of Corporate Internet Connectivity and Networking Solutions in partnership with International Industry leaders. RCS-Communication combines in-country experience across East and Central Africa with International best practices and…
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Wiley is a dominant presence in Washington, DC, with more than 240 attorneys and public policy advisors. Our firm has earned international prominence by representing clients in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, and…

New GVF Member Introduction

About TechFirm Canarias

TECHFirm Canarias has joined GVF. It is part of the Swiss group, TECHfirm, which delivers solutions for industry sectors worldwide and is the leading provider of telecoms services to industries and businesses in the Canary Islands.

Founded three years ago by a team with many years of international telecoms field expertise, and experience of working with best-in-class manufacturers, TECHFirm Canarias has successfully delivered more than 30 projects in the maritime (oil & gas), aero and other sectors across the Atlantic archipelago.

The company is founded on a vision giving prime importance to operations based on local resources and to contributing to the economic and infrastructural development of the islands. TECHfirm Canarias offers telecom services to:

Maritime / Oil & Gas – Global SDWAN hybrid networks: VSAT (Ka, Ku, C bands); LTE bonding (4G/5G); Disruptive systems (Inmarsat Fleet Xpress, Iridium Certus); Shore line (FTTH solutions); 3-axis maritime antenna troubleshooting (Intellian, Seateal, Orbit) with GVF Certified field technicians

Airports – Earth/Air Communications Systems in VHF, UHF and HF; Control tower solar shades monitoring and maintenance

Enterprise – SD WAN scalable infrastructure; Point-to-point VPN / VOIP & IPBX / Digital signage

Transportation – Passenger Wi-Fi and Fleet tracking

Hospitality – Hotel wide Wi-Fi coverage & affordable bandwidth

Remote area connectivity (construction sites, harsh environments) – Internet Connectivity & CCTV

MEDIA and CINEMA – Live HD broadcasting / Smooth radio streaming

For more information visit TECHFirm Canarias website.