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Access Partnership is the world’s leading public policy firm that provides market access for technology. We monitor and analyse global trends for the risks and opportunities they create for technology businesses and…
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Picture 1: QuadSAT's antenna testing solution flying in front of an antenna. QuadSAT is a Denmark-based company that supplies airborne antenna testing solutions. QuadSAT’s system delivers safety in the performance of RF…

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ALL.SPACE, the newly re-branded Isotropic Systems, has announced the arrival of the industry’s force multiplier, the ‘smart terminal’, designed to unlock the power of any combination of cellular and satellite networks enabling unparalleled service and experience levels. The ALL.SPACE fifth generation ‘smart terminal’ is moving into initial production for release at the end of 2022. The ALL.SPACE software-defined service enablement platform can connect with all networks via multiple, simultaneous, full performance links that converge intelligent routing, edge computing, integrated modems, and cellular access in a fully integrated solution. Headquartered in Reading, UK, ALL.SPACE is recognised for its major industry breakthrough as the first and only field-proven platform to simultaneously deliver full-performance connections across all significant orbits from a single device. Read more and watch the video. 
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