NetHope 3-day Field Skills Workshop


Sponsored by Intelsat

GVF VSAT Installer Training Program: Hands On Skills Test and Advanced Supplementary Training

NetHope Session 13B, September 17 - 19, 2013, Dakar, Senegal

An instructor-led class in advanced VSAT terminal installation.  It includes the Hands On Skills Test, which is required for all GVF VSAT installer certifications.  This session will span three days and will include substantial supplementary training supported by Intelsat and iDirect. The class is being coordinated by NetHope in cooperation with the GVF and the Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications (ESMT).

Tuition fees:

A special package tuition fee of US$950.00 is available for NetHope members, including partial sponsorship by Intelsat.  This fee includes:

  • Required online course GVF 510 (Core Skills for VSAT Installers).
  • Required online course GVF 520 (VSAT Fundamentals).
  • Required online course GVF 521 (Field Technique).
  • 3-day on-site training session, including GVF Hands On Skills Test (required for GVF certifications) and supplementary VSAT training as described below.
  • For students who have already registered for the online courses, the 3-day on-site session is available to NetHope members for US$681.25.


  • If you do not already have a GVF online training account and wish to remit fees using a credit card:  Contact NetHope for the Coupon Code that you will need to enable the special NetHope fee when ordering online.  Then go to the GVF training Shopping Cart by clicking, verify your course section, click Continue, and enter the Coupon Code, and click Apply.  The price will then update to show the NetHope member price, and you can continue to Checkout. If you are already a GVF online student, log into your account and go to "Add New Course" to complete the instructions above.
  • If you have previously registered for the required online courses: in the Shopping Cart, click Show All Courses, and select the Nethope Dakar HOST and Workshop Only course. Use the same Coupon Code as above.   Important: If you have not previously registered for courses GVF510, 520, and 521, do not register for the HOST and Workshop Only course.  All students must complete the online courses before being admitted to the on-site session.
  • Once you are enrolled in the workshop, log onto your account and open My Courses>GVF training>Hands On and On-Site Sessions and select the Dakar workshop. When you open it, you will be prompted to select a session. Choose the June session and select Enroll. This will enroll you in the correct June session and will send you all of the required information via email.
  • To remit fees using wire transfer or purchase order: Contact GVF Support ( for detailed instructions.


Equipment and instructor support will be generously contributed by: Intelsat (, and iDirect Technologies (

Session dates and times:

17 September 2013, 9:00 to 18:00

18 September 2013, 9:00 to 18:00

19 September 2013, 9:00 to 16:00


Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications (ESMT)
Terrain foyer Rocade Fann Bel Air
BP10 000
Dakar Liberte, Senegal
Phone: +221 33 869 03 00
Web site:

Instructors: Mr. Nenad Bojovic (IRC); Dr. Ahmed Kora  (ESMT).

For NetHope, contact Mr. Joe Simmons, email
For ESMT, contact: Dr Ahmed KORA, email

Accomodation suggestions:

Nina Hotel (Centre ville)

Tel: +221 33 889 01 20

Fax: +221 33 889 01 81


Please notify ESMT of your name, date of arrival, and date of departure. ESMT will pick you up at the hotel in the morning and return you at the end of the day.

What to do before you come:

  • You must complete the GVF 510, 520, and 521 courses online before coming to the classroom/practical session. This is a mandatory requirement of your organization. You will need a solid understanding of the fundamentals topics covered in GVF 510, 520, and 521 in order to productively participate in the classroom and hands-on sessions.
  • When you have passed the Hands On Skills Test, and if you have passed GVF 510, 520, and 521 you will be able to log in to the learning system view and print your GVF Basic VSAT Installer and GVF Advanced VSAT Installer certificates.
  • Check that your name is spelled correctly.  Your certificate will show your name in "Last name" "First name" order.
  • Check that your other information is correct in your profile, including whether you wish to be listed in the public GVF Certified Installers database.
  • This online support course permits you to view and download reference materials. Be sure to click on "Resources" on your dashboard in order to access them!
  • If you have questions after your arrival in Nairobi, please contact the AeDRC (email and telephone numbers above).

What to bring:

  • Your printed copy of the Quick Ref sheet SP-REF-001 from the GVF510 course.
  • Your printed copy of the GVF Site Survey form (download from GVF 521 Digital Library). You will need this to take notes in the skills review workshop.
  • If possible, you should also print and bring your downloaded copy of the GVF VSAT Installation and Maintenance Handbook (3 volumes).
  • Crossed Ethernet cable (if you can).
  • Laptop with working WiFi, Ethernet port, and serial port. If your laptop does not have a 9-pin serial port, you should bring a USB-serial adapter. The laptop may be used to connect to the network to review basic networking concepts and to configure VSAT equipment. 
  • Tools (if you have your own).
  • Analyser (if you have your own).
  • DB-9 to RJ45 Adaptor for iDirect configuration (if you can).  This is the same as the Cisco console adapter.  It can be ordered from, part no. 66211.

Agenda (nominal):

Orientation; agenda; expectations.

GVF syllabus review and discussion.
GVF Level 510, 520, and 521 followup question and answers.
Site survey and preparation.
Calculating, measuring and working with a clear line of site, azimuth, & elevation.
Frequencies, local oscillators, and translation.
Equipment assembly, equipment configuration and parameters.
Grounding and lighting protection.
Bringing up the carrier and operating the VSAT.
Using a spectrum analyzer.
Applying measurements and calculations and identifying the satellite and the carrier.
Commissioning the service with the satellite provider.
Locking the equipment and finalizing the installation.
User acceptance.

Practice for Hands-On Skills Test.
Assemble antennas; find satellite; practice peaking; practice setting cross-pol; learn and practice connector attachment.

Formal GVF Hands On Skills Test (HOST).
Student must demonstrate all skills to instructor in order to receive GVF certification. NOTE: This is a rigorous test and all steps must be completed by each student without assistance.

iDirect Classroom Session
Hands-on practice with iSite and a working terminal.
Make DB-9 to RJ45 Adaptor for interfacing with Serial Port.
Terminal Installation and Commissioning.
Review Troubleshooting steps.
Review World Vision Commissioning forms, Site Survey, Remote information sheet.

iDirect Practical Hands-on Session
Hands-on practice with configuring and commissioning an iDirect remote on an Intelsat satellite with Intelsat NOC support.