Month: April 2022

“Reflecting on Aspects of GVF’s 25 Years” Martin Jarrold

I joined GVF when it was already four years into its mission to facilitate expanded access to satellite-based connectivity solutions. I had been working in space and satellite industry related publishing, as Managing Editor & Head of Research for ‘Space Business International’ magazine. David Hartshorn, GVF’s then Secretary General, wrote for the magazine and that was how I learned all about GVF. Some of the early focus of GVF’s mission was on licensing and regulatory related matters and my experience in this field will serve me as I travel to Iraq in May to speak in Basra.

“GVF… A Proud Connection with Enthusiasts, Experts and Dedicated Colleagues” Riaz Lamak

I am proud to be actively associated with GVF. I cherish the wonderful journey with GVF over my 15-years in which we have achieved many firsts: Collaborating in the delivery of one-of-a-kind online training content; On-site training with integrated hands-on practicals as “MBC Mentored Sessions”; Advanced Satellite System Engineering classroom programmes; Capacity Building & Emergency Communications for HADR; Network Validation Assessments; and more. It continues to be an honour and a pleasure collaborating throughout the GVF ecosystem of great minds, enthusiasts, experts and dedicated colleagues. And yet, the best take for me personally, is having these colleagues as my personal friends.