Month: August 2022

“Global and agile – the magic GVF recipe” Pacome Revillon

Through more than 20 years of interacting and collaborating with GVF, I have been impressed with the expansion and impact of the organization and its ability to contribute in any place in the world. A welcoming, open and professional mindset focused on the growth of the industry.

“Tenacity to Elicit Change” Richard Hooper

GVF has served as the unified voice of the satellite industry for 25 years – What an amazing statement to be able to make. I have known GVF for almost all of that time and there has been no other organisation, during that period, with the reach, influence, or sheer tenacity to elicit change in such a fast-evolving industry.

“Unified Voice of the Satellite Industry in Very Effective Ways” Suzanne Malloy

GVF was intended to be a platform for training and advocacy, and it has indeed served that purpose over the past 25 years. Its most important contribution, however, has been its ability to marshal consensus and use the unified voice of the satellite industry in very effective ways. Our industry punches above its weight on ITU matters owing to this cohesion, and this advantage is manifested in many other ways.