Month: October 2022

“GVF’s Unique Approach for Raising Awareness” Alexandre Vallet

In this time of celebration of the 25th anniversary of GVF, I want to highlight first and foremost the unique approach of GVF for raising awareness of the various benefits brought by satellite systems in our daily lives. Where other organizations essentially focuses on disseminating information about satellite applications, GVF aims at spreading knowledge, building capacity and facilitating access to satellite-based solutions, notably through its well-known set of training and certification programs that have become over the years references across the entire satellite ecosystem.

“Securing Space Sustainability with Commercial Best Practice” Krystal Azelton

The space domain is currently experiencing a rapid diversification and increase in the number of actors involved in space activities. More than 70 states, commercial companies, and international organisations currently operate just over 6900 satellites in Earth orbit.

The increased availability of space technology and capabilities has both advantages and disadvantages. It has spurred innovation, lowering of costs, and greater access to capabilities and services available from satellites for all. However, the growth in space activities and the influx of new actors also has the potential to exacerbate many of the current threats to the long-term sustainable use of space, such as on-orbit crowding, radio-frequency interference, the proliferation of space debris, and the chances of an incident in space sparking or escalating geopolitical tensions on Earth.