“An Unconditional Support for the VSAT Industry” Alvaro Sanchez

As one of the SSPI “20 Under 35” award recipients in 2022 Alvaro Sanchez writes about his, and his company’s, relationship with GVF as the association celebrates its 25th year.

“I am grateful to have collaborated with GVF in different roles throughout my professional career in my company, INTEGRASYS. I have worked with GVF not only in contributing to conferences and securing other opportunities for enhancing company visibility, but also in connection with the training offered by the GVF. Within the 25-years of the association, I have been in growing with GVF for more than a decade.

GVF’s representative role includes the Ground Segment of the SatCom industry, giving support to development and delivery of satellite technologies and services for consumers, businesses, and governments around the world by operators, producers, service providers, and other elements of the satellite ecosystem.

Therefore, GVF carries out networking activities, as well as collaborating with events organisations to increase industry visibility. Moreover, GVF’s approach of supporting these communication activities creates an open door for its members to express their perspectives on different hot topics and transmit in a clear way their philosophy and their objectives.

Regarding the well-known GVF training portfolio, as a software company, INTEGRASYS has counted on GVF in order to offer complete training for field installers, for auto-commissioning remotes. Thanks to GVF training we can offer an added-value service, and a seamless way for the user to manage their system.

As GVF members, we have been proud to support the organisation through the years, and are proud to be part of the successful future that is projected for contributing to communicate the work of SatCom for a world where connectivity is essential to the evolution of progress.

Congratulations for 25-years of hard work!

Alvaro Sanchez, CEO, Integrasys

Alvaro Sanchez is Integrasys CEO, Marquess of Antella (Noble Title 1649), Alvaro is Software and Industrial engineer by European University and a master’s degree in business by ESIC Business School.

Alvaro during the last 10 years has worked at Integrasys as Management, Sales Executive roles where he was very successful growing the sales, revenue, profit, and responsibilities within the company; and previous to that he was working at CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research as an RF Engineer, measuring timing in a Nanosecond Synchronization for measuring the Neutrino Speed. Adding to his professional repertoire, in 2021 Alvaro collaborated with IE University to achieve his lifelong goal of helping others. He was professor of “Introduction to Business Management” at the Artificial Intelligence Degree. Recently he is focused on the company expansion, with the latest opening, INTEGRASYS SARL, in Luxembourg.

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