“GVF… A Proud Connection with Enthusiasts, Experts and Dedicated Colleagues” Riaz Lamak

I am proud to be actively associated with GVF. I cherish the wonderful journey with GVF over my 15-years in which we have achieved many firsts: Collaborating in the delivery of one-of-a-kind online training content; On-site training with integrated hands-on practicals as “MBC Mentored Sessions”; Advanced Satellite System Engineering classroom programmes; Capacity Building & Emergency Communications for HADR; Network Validation Assessments; and more. It continues to be an honour and a pleasure collaborating throughout the GVF ecosystem of great minds, enthusiasts, experts and dedicated colleagues. And yet, the best take for me personally, is having these colleagues as my personal friends.

Riaz Lamak, GVF Lead in Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response, and Mentored Training; President, MBC

Riaz Lamak is the President and manages the satcom business of Mahdi Bagh Computers Private Limited, a satcom ground service company providing services ranging from Quality Assurance Audits & Validation; Mentored Onsite Satcom Training; Field Support, Installation, and Maintenance of Ground Stations; Operations; and more. Mr Lamak is also an International Programme Lead at GVF responsible for Network Validation-Benchmarking; Onsite Capacity Building; and HADR communication initiatives. Mr Lamak contributes to GVF’s facilitation of Performance Quality Assurance of satellite-based communication solutions.

Related proactive initiatives include Benchmarking of Assets, Resources, Processes; and Capacity building via leveraging the GVF Training & Certification programme. This includes MBC Mentored & Classroom Training onsite. Related reactive initiatives involve conducting validation of existing satcom networks to identify gaps and recommend best practices to improve performance, mitigate interference, and enhance standards in satellite-based communications.

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