“Genesis of GVF Training in SE Asia” Christopher Sivertz

Starting in 1995, Dave (‘Whirlwind’) Hartshorn and I (working out of Singapore for SSE & Prodelin, respectively) witnessed, first-hand, the “explosion” of TDMA-Voice VSAT networks here in South East Asia. 1.8m antennas (C-Band, Linear-Polarised) were being frantically installed in (then) very remote locations. The installers lacked training in the pitfalls associated with Cross-Pol, Pointing, Over-drive, and IFL cabling/connector issues.

The Network Operators recognised these pitfalls and asked for our help in the form of training that is practical for installers in Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Enter Ralph Brooker in 1999 to provide hope. The suite of SatProf/GVF on-line courses continues to expand whilst eliminating many of the language, cultural, and distance challenges of training that face network operators in South East Asia.

As a Satcom Systems Engineer, not a day goes by without me thanking Ralph, Dave, and all the others who have made the SatProf/GVF Training so valuable to our customers in this region of the world.

Christopher Sivertz, Satcom RF Instructor, GVF

Christopher Sivertz has 32 years of experience in the ground segment of Satellite Communications. Mr. Sivertz has supervised the installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of Satcom Antenna and RF Systems in over 40 countries, mostly in developing regions. Specific areas of Mr. Sivertz expertise is in Systems Design with a focus on LBA (Link Budget Analysis). Over the past decade, Mr. Sivertz has expanded his interest on training under GVF & SatProf. Most recently, Mr. Sivertz has been tracking developments in new satellite technology enabling use of Ku and Ka Bands by Maritime Terminals in SE Asia. Mr. Sivertz is based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

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