“GVF – a driving force to establish good regulations for satellite services globally” Paul Deedman

I started my career in spectrum regulation about the time that GVF was formed, 25 years ago. I have witnessed how, since its foundation, GVF has been a driving force to establish good regulations for satellite services globally, helping to establish favourable national regulations through international bodies like the ITU and promoting best practice. As satellite technology has evolved, delivering new services in new frequency bands, GVF has driven the new regulations necessary to match those changes. GVF, and those individuals and companies who formed it, have accomplished a huge amount for the satellite industry.

Paul Deedman, Director, Spectrum Regulation, Inmarsat & member of the GVF Board

Mr. Deedman’s role in Inmarsat is to ensure that the necessary international spectrum regulations are in place for the continuing operation of the current Inmarsat satellites, network, and future systems. He is involved in CEPT spectrum activities and the ITU-R working parties, most recently on issues such as new regulations for Ka-band mobile terminals (ESIMs) and protection of the L-band MSS spectrum for proposed terrestrial LTE systems. He has participated in all of the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences since 1997 and has been closely engaged in the regional preparations for WRC. Mr. Deedman joined Inmarsat in 2000, having previously worked for the Radiocommunications Agency, and has an honours degree in telecommunications from the University of London (Queen Mary College).

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