GVF and Satellite Operators Issue Updated Guidance for New Antenna Products

London GVF and a group consisting of premier operators of communication satellite networks – AsiaSat, Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES — have collaborated to produce updated guidance to antenna manufacturers regarding the satellite operators’ expectations for new antenna products and how to demonstrate compliance with the Satellite Operator Minimum Performance Specifications (SOMAP).

The SOMAP requirements and initiative have been undertaken to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) worldwide for the industry and to minimize interference. The availability of quality products, which have demonstrated compliance with satellite operator specifications, will provide manufacturers with a valuable sales tool to differentiate their products. The SOMAP satellite operator group has the final authority for resolving questions regarding the compliance of a particular product.

The SOMAP framework consists:

  1. Minimum Antenna Testing Requirements
  2. Minimum Antenna Performance Requirements
  3. Performance Data on Manufacturer Product Datasheets

The SOMAP objective is to offer consistency across the industry for customers and antenna manufacturers. It does not replace the formal type approval procedures for each of the operators, but rather establishes minimum performance that each of the operators expect when deploying equipment which has not been formally type approved.

Commenting on the release of the updated guidance, GVF’s Secretary General David Meltzer said,

“At a time when innovations in the satellite industry have resulted in more powerful satellites, greater flexibility, and a broad array of new services, the new guidance will enable antenna manufacturers to differentiate their products and help assure quality services.”

The GVF strongly supports this initiative and stands ready to assist any manufacturer in preparing for adoption of the SOMAP requirements.

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