A special message from David Meltzer, GVF Secretary General

We realize that many of our members are significantly impacted by travel restrictions, postponement of conferences, and imposition of work-from-home requirements upon their employees.  In response, GVF is exploring the expansion our digital services for members to provide additional platforms for promoting their services and equipment and learning of the latest developments affecting their business.

GVF is exploring:

  • Organizing panels of experts to discuss the latest developments in areas of interest to GVF members to be viewable by video;
  • Encouraging members to post their releases on new products, services, and corporate developments on GVF.org, our LinkedIn page, and our Twitter account;
  • Organizing podcasts on topics of interest;
  • The interest of members to form a Marketing Working Group where  members can share ideas on how to maintain promotional activities during the current period of travel restrictions and consequent postponement of conferences and other events; and,
  • Increasing the frequency of GVF eBulletins.

Please feel free to provide feedback on these initiatives and offer any other ideas.

In addition to exploring the expansion of the above member benefits, I want to remind you of the ability of GVF and our training partner SatProf to provide specialized online training to our members’ employees at discounted rates. The online training is fully operational and available 24/7.  Training is self-paced and queries, enrollments, and student services are fully available.  As a result, staff who are working from home have the option of using their time for certification training.   You can find additional information at gvftraining.org and please email gvfsupport@satprof.com with your inquires.

Our ability to help your company with these services depends on you sharing the availability of these services and resulting content with your marketing and human resources colleagues in the company.  If you have not already done so, you will shortly be contacted by GVF to ask you to provide the contact information for a colleague in your marketing and human resources groups.

As GVF provides digital services during these challenging times, we remain very open to suggestions on additional services so please let me know if you have any ideas.

With appreciation,

24th March 2020

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