“Happy Birthday, GVF” David Hartshorn

Many great things start small, like a spark… like GVF. The fire broke out during a conference session where the talk turned to how difficult regulatory conditions were for VSAT service providers. Long-time industry player Jack Buechler had heard enough. He raised his hand and challenged those in attendance to form an association to advocate together for improved conditions. Strength in numbers!

Fast forward: With support from leading industry members throughout the world, GVF became instrumental in improving regulatory conditions for the entire industry and, by extension, for the end users who benefitted from satellite services. Competition was permitted. Landing rights were granted. Licensing fees were reduced. Terminal testing requirements were streamlined. And mission-critical services were delivered at a level that was without precedent.

As markets opened, additional challenges presented themselves. With new competitors, training and Certification became a necessity. Standards were required to reduce interference and improve quality of service. And then in 2006 came the wireless industry’s attempt to take satellite-industry spectrum, a David-and-Goliath struggle that almost everybody thought was a lost cause. A similar fight was repeated a few years later, and in both efforts GVF and the satellite industry proved to be a formidable contender against overwhelming odds, punching well above its weight.

GVF’s potential to advocate for the industry — and for those who depend upon its services — has never been greater. Turns out there IS strength in numbers. Let’s raise a glass to the first quarter century of collaboration… and to the next. Cheers!

David Hartshorn, Geeks Without Frontiers

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working globally in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Strategic Partnerships, Public Speaking, Writing, Business Development, and Business Strategy. Strong business professional with track record of leading award-winning international industry and government initiatives.

David serves as the CEO at Geeks. He has extensive experience of the satellite, communications and NGO sectors having helped to build and lead the Global VSAT Forum. David has worked in communications for over 30 years in Asia, Europe and North America.

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