“Important Global Voice for the Satellite Industry” Jennifer Manner

I am pleased to express my congratulations on the Silver Anniversary of GVF. During these past twenty-five years GVF has served as an important global voice for the satellite industry in everything from advocating with regulators, at the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference, providing critical training and certification on the use of satellite products, putting together exciting programmes reflecting the issues of the day, and being a forum where members of the satellite industry can work together to advance our mutual goals. As Chair of the Regulatory Working Group, I am pleased that GVF has been an important and successful advocate for the satellite industry at the ITU, CITEL and other regional bodies, and national regulators on critical issues for the industry. Working together in these organisations, we have been able to advance our interests to ensure that we have access to the spectrum we need to meet the demands of our users, able to obtain the regulatory flexibility and regimes required for us to get service out quickly to customers, and raise the profile of the satellite industry as a solution to the digital divide. We are in an exciting time in the satellite industry with unprecedented growth and the critical role that satellite will provide in the 5G and beyond eco-system. I look forward the work of GVF as we move forward in these areas to ensure the industry is well-represented.

Jennifer A. Manner, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at EchoStar Corporation/Hughes Network Systems LLC

Jennifer A. Manner is Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at EchoStar Corporation/Hughes Network Systems LLC where she is responsible for the company’s domestic and international regulatory and policy issues, including spectrum management, new technologies and market access. Ms. Manner has held senior positions in the U.S. government including, Deputy Chief of the Office and Engineering and Technology and before that Deputy Chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, as well as Senior Counsel to FCC Commissioner Abernathy and in a range of U.S. telecommunications companies.

Ms. Manner is widely published on telecommunications issues including and her most recent book, Spectrum Wars: The Rise of 5G and Beyond (Artech House) . Ms. Manner also serves in leadership roles in several trade associations and at the International Telecommunications Union Radiocommunication Sector. Ms. Manner is also an award-winning documentary film producer

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