NewSpace Start-Ups

GVF, the global association of the entire satellite industry ecosystem, opens Associate Membership benefits to world’s emerging satellite Start-Ups

LONDON & WASHINGTON DC – GVF, the global trade association of the satellite industry representing the entire value chain, today announced the creation of a new category of membership for start-ups and early stage companies with business goals that include satellite communications. Qualified NewSpace companies will now be able to join GVF and enjoy the many benefits of Associate Membership at no cost for an initial one year period.  

David Meltzer, Secretary General of GVF, commented

Integral to GVF’s mission of promoting the greater industry, this program is intended to embrace NewSpace members in their formative years, helping accelerate their entry into our fast-growing satellite ecosystem. In effect it’s a fast track to a win-win scenario, offering maximum leverage of their entrepreneurial work through collaboration with the well-established industry leaders of our wide-ranging, global membership.

Upon joining as Associate Members, NewSpace companies will benefit from GVF initiatives, solutions and products in the fields of: Regulation, spectrum & policy; Terminal type approvals; Product quality assurance; Network validation; Market intelligence; Training & certification; Products, services, case studies & organizational news promotions; Speaking opportunities at events, and participation in Working Groups.    

Additional information can be obtained by contacting GVF’s Vice President for Marketing and Member Services – Ms. Irina Petrov


GVF is the only global non-profit association of the satellite industry.  Founded in 1997 and headquartered in London, it brings together organizations from around the world representing the satellite ecosystem that are engaged in the development and delivery of satellite technologies and services for consumers, commercial and government organizations worldwide.  GVF’s aim is to facilitate expanded access to satellite-based connectivity solutions globally, which is achieved through regulatory, policy and spectrum advocacy; training and certification; product quality assurance; and collaboration with user groups and other satellite stakeholders.

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