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Industry’s first comprehensive online non-technical education program and curriculum to offer individual courses, full modules and a “Space Business Qualified” certification path FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMarch 21, 2022 – To satisfy the need of new and established businesses and employees in the commercial space industry to learn about all aspects of the business, Space and Satellite […]

“The Genesis of GVF Training” Ralph Brooker

The Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) was one of the GVF’s very first volunteer working groups, formed to reduce both interference and the cost of type approving antennas. In 1999 I volunteered to lead that group – unaware of the Dave Hartshorn whirlwind I had leaped into! It was such a privilege to work with dozens of excellent colleagues from across the industry and around the world to hammer out the first of many MRA standards.

“A Meaningful Journey” Arunas Slekys

I am honoured to have served as Chairman of the GVF for the past 15 years, a brief moment in cosmic time – yet a significant period during which the satellite industry became a mainstream part of the exploding consumer internet marketplace. Indeed, in the mid-2000’s broadband satellite technology was still in its infancy and the business case for consumer services was considered by many to be highly risky if not downright foolish.

“Happy Birthday, GVF” David Hartshorn

Many great things start small, like a spark… like GVF. The fire broke out during a conference session where the talk turned to how difficult regulatory conditions were for VSAT service providers. Long-time industry player Jack Buechler had heard enough. He raised his hand and challenged those in attendance to form an association to advocate together for improved conditions. Strength in numbers!

Royal Media and GVF Announce Content Partnership

Royal Media, a leading global information provider, and GVF, the global non-profit association of the satellite industry, have formed a content partnership that will deliver crucial analysis and insight on satellite industry trends. The partnership will include the participation of Royal Media’s industry-leading brands in a series of webinars hosted by GVF.

“As I recall…” Jack Buechler

I am incredibly proud of all that been achieved since those early days 25+ years ago, and immensely honoured to have had the opportunity to make a modest contribution to that success.

2021… A Year of Progress

This year, and most of 2020, were hardly typical for GVF. Just as everywhere and for everyone, the nature of many of the association’s activities were limited and restricted by the impact of pandemic but, like all other organisations, the association adapted as necessary. This overview focuses upon GVF activities during the last year.


Thank You To Our Diverse Global Audience ‌In 2020, pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions necessitated that the satellite industry community gather virtually. Meeting industry colleagues, partners, and customers had to be online and this was when GVF, the only global association of the industry, forged new, regular and frequent connections in the Zoom ecosphere. The […]