“Reflecting on Aspects of GVF’s 25 Years” Martin Jarrold

I joined GVF when it was already four years into its mission to facilitate expanded access to satellite-based connectivity solutions. I had been working in space and satellite industry related publishing, as Managing Editor & Head of Research for ‘Space Business International’ magazine. David Hartshorn, GVF’s then Secretary General, wrote for the magazine and that was how I learned all about GVF. Some of the early focus of GVF’s mission was on licensing and regulatory related matters and my experience in this field will serve me as I travel to Iraq in May to speak in Basra (see ‘Thinking Aloud’. GVF’s ‘Policy & Regulatory Guidelines for Satellite Services’ and ‘International VSAT Policy Declaration: Service Barriers and Proposed Regulatory Solutions’ have a bearing on the situation in Iraq with reference to the transparency of telecommunication rules and policies, technology-neutral regulations and licensing requirements, landing rights and ‘Open Skies’ policies, and blanket licensing.

Martin Jarrold, Vice President International Programme Development, GVF

Martin Jarrold has worked for GVF since June 2021. His particular responsibilities include outreach to the member organisations of the GVF and for the further development of the profile of the Forum within the satellite communications industry, and across the global telecommunications policy and regulatory community. This extends to the development and delivery of programmes focused on extending the understanding of, and promoting the use of, satellite-based communications in various key end-user vertical markets.

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