“Sushi and Satellites” Jeremy Rose

My first contact with what was to become the Global VSAT Forum was being asked by Susan Bull, my partner at COMSYS, to talk to Dave Hartshorn about his possible interest in leading the nascent organisation. So we lunched at what I recall as being a slightly dodgy Sushi restaurant in San Jose, California…. Dave was working for a satellite sector hardware vendor, selling radios and modems, so he was pretty familiar with the industry on a global basis – and all I had to do was to persuade him to give up the California life to move to the post room (the only space available) at the COMSYS office in St Albans (originally a 16th century pub and house of ill-repute). What could possibly go wrong? But Dave was definitely the man for the job and led the organisation for many years and through many successful lobbying and advocacy programmes for the global VSAT industry.

Jeremy Rose, Partner at COMSYS LLP

Jeremy Rose is a Partner at COMSYS LLP, a satellite industry consulting and advisory firm based in London. COMSYS is best known for its VSAT industry research and analysis and Jeremy leads the space segment group that provides advice on technical and commercial / market / regulatory matters, mainly to the financial and legal sectors.

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