“Tenacity to Elicit Change” Richard Hooper

GVF has served as the unified voice of the satellite industry for 25 years – What an amazing statement to be able to make. I have known GVF for almost all of that time and there has been no other organisation, during that period, with the reach, influence, or sheer tenacity to elicit change in such a fast-evolving industry.
I first encountered GVF when we started to work on a joint project to deliver a GVF Membership Directory and Satellite Resource Guide. Looking back, I can now laugh at the headaches and sleepless nights that caused me – pulling in information from a diverse and global membership and trying to keep everybody to a tight deadline. But we succeeded in no small part to the GVF and its drive to deliver for the satellite industry. Long may that continue.

Richard Hooper, Publishing Director, Satellite Evolution Group

Richard Hooper is Publishing Director at the Satellite Evolution Group a division of DS Air Limited, one of the leading content marketing platforms for the industry. Richard has worked in the specialist B2B publishing arena for over 35 years and specializes in developing and delivering must-read content for the Satellite and Space sectors.

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