“Unified Voice of the Satellite Industry in Very Effective Ways” Suzanne Malloy

GVF was intended to be a platform for training and advocacy, and it has indeed served that purpose over the past 25 years. Its most important contribution, however, has been its ability to marshal consensus and use the unified voice of the satellite industry in very effective ways. Our industry punches above its weight on ITU matters owing to this cohesion, and this advantage is manifested in many other ways. As just two examples, regulators look to the organisation for guidance at crucial decision points in the WRC preparatory process as well as on domestic policy matters when crafting spectrum or licensing regulations. Relationships cultivated over many years through GVF are the key to the power of our industry’s advocacy. GVF’s training programmes have helped make the satellite industry a tangible presence for working engineers in dozens of countries. GVF-coordinated member outreach has kept governments and other stakeholders fully engaged in a broad range of industry concerns – licensing, spectrum, digital inclusion – and made GVF a key orchestrator of the satellite industry’s successful advocacy and outreach.

Suzanne Malloy, Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, SES & Chair GVF Americas Working Group

Suzanne Malloy is Vice President, Regulatory Affairs for SES, with responsibility for market access strategy, advocacy and licensing, including for SES’s satellite-enabled MEO global connectivity solutions. Ms. Malloy has managed on satellite regulatory matters for over 20 years, in both the private and public sectors, leading efforts on satellite and earth station licensing, satellite policy advocacy and spectrum regulatory issues. Prior to joining SES, Ms. Malloy served as Vice President, Regulatory for DBSD North America, and acted as Senior Regulatory Counsel for Teledesic. Ms. Malloy began work in the satellite sector as Attorney-Advisor in the International Bureau of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, on satellite licensing and policy matters and on treaty negotiations related to satellite market access.

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