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Antenna Innovations: Keeping Up With The Rest of the Industry?

Thursday, 24 June 2021

3:00 pm UK time / 10:00 am US Eastern time

Re-usable and 3-D printed rockets, assembly line satellite manufacturing, terabit per second satellite networks . . . These and other innovations are transforming the commercial exploitation of space and rapidly moving the world from Space 2.0 to Space 3.0. However, the full potential of these innovations can only be realized if comparable innovations are occurring with the antennas that are needed to communicate with the satellites.

Innovations in antenna performance, cost, and operations perhaps receive far less attention than the rocket landing after another successful mission but such innovations are no less transformative. Flat Panel Antennas (FPAs), Electronically Steered Antennas (ESAs) are just two examples of the increased capacity of antennas to provide the vital communications links. Advances in performing link budgets are calculated is yet another innovation that is advancing satellite communications.

These and other advances in antennas impacting performance, capacity, cost, and other factors will be discussed by a panel representing some of the leading voices in the antenna world with the objective of informing viewers whether the antenna industry is keeping pace with the transformative innovations sweeping the rest of the satellite communications industry.

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