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GVF @ ConnecTechAsia – The Role of Satellite in 5G

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

7:30 am UK time / 2:30 am US Eastern time

5G is a quantum leap from the person-to-person communications of current and earlier generations of cellular/mobile. Its device-to-device focus brings exponential improvements in speed, latency, capacity, power consumption, and numbers of supported devices, the latter being essential for a networked world of IoT/IIoT. IoT/IIoT coverage, with every device connected globally and supporting manifold applications, will require wholesale integration of the terrestrial network with the ubiquity and seamlessness that only satellite networks can provide.

With mobile backhaul and cellular base station networking having long been important business for satellite and for teleport operators, IoT/IIoT is becoming an additional market driver.  With this as backdrop, roll-out of 5G cellular/mobile services has the potential to vastly accelerate growth in this business, given that supporting the “network of networks” will generate significant growth in the cellular/mobile backhaul requirement.

In the 5G world, communications with objects in motion, currently a satellite speciality, will increase demand, likely driven in large measure from a massive increase in video to mobile devices. Caching video files at the edge could become a major business for teleports.

This webinar will explore the various facets of an evolving enabling environment and exploring the strategies required to facilitate development and deployment of a truly ubiquitous “network of networks” across Asia-Pacific – with 5G and satellite.

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