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Innovation and the Ground Segment

Thursday, 26 May 2022

3:00 pm UK time / 10:00 am US Eastern time

Previous webinars have referenced a prevailing industry culture wherein ground segment has been seen as the less interesting sibling to space segment, to the spectacle of launches, enormous GEOs, and massive constellation LEOs. Ground segment innovation, once only given cursory consideration, is now of a nature and scale which is driving change in the former perceptions. Put simply, changes to ground segment are now rightfully observed as equally important as those of the space segment to achieving a more connected world. Yet, whilst New Space has been extensively characterised, the idea of New Ground – a cohesive, comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to recognising and evaluating the importance of advances across the entire ground segment ecosystem – is not yet so well established. Though the subject of innovations in one of its component parts – the antenna – is increasing in topicality, the rest of the ground segment is under appreciated. In this webinar series we have looked before at such questions as the impact of the complexities of a VHTS GEO/MEO/LEO space segment on the ground segment, the reducing complexity of ground segment operation through automation, what AI means for the ground segment, the functioning of software-defined networking and, what ‘Network Function Virtualisation’ actually means, but the fastest thing in the satellite industry is not the satellites themselves, but the pace of change.

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