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Spectrum Regulation and Business

Thursday, 27 January 2022

3:00 pm UK time / 10:00 am US Eastern time

In just one year’s time, the countdown clock to the next ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) will be measured in months. As with prior WRCs, WRC-23 will result in decisions that will drive multi-billion dollar investments designed to enhance, grow, or develop businesses ranging from mobile communications and the Internet of Things, to 6G and broadband services to underserved populations.

Leading up to WRC-23 will be a host of meetings and decisions taken at the national and regional level which will greatly influence the outcome of WRC-23. While spectrum regulation is often a topic left to lawyers and engineers expert in the finer things of spectrum management, this panel will examine the key spectrum issues to be decided upon in the run-up to, and at, WRC-23 and how such decisions will impact business in the years to come. As such, individuals responsible for developing new applications, products and services dependent upon satellite connectivity will find this panel of vital relevance.

Joining this dialogue on 27 January will give you the opportunity to listen to, and put questions to, our assembled panel of experts.

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